Monthly Archives: May 2014

How to feel connected when you feel you don’t belong anywhere and disconnected

It might be a reoccurring feeling that you can’t quite place and you have no explanation of what is causing it. Sometimes it is just emotions that overtake you. Feelings of loneliness, of being sad for no reason. The sobs that you find yourself in when you really have not lost anyone and nobody did […]

Hapiness is not a complete absence of saddness

May be happiness is not a complete absence of sadness, but the ability to contain yoursefl and count the little blessings you still have left amidst your rollercoaster life. I was 28 when I felt like the world’s walls came crumbling up on me. For some reason I have missed the signs and probably ignored […]

How to be Bad Ass

Becoming the greatest version of yourself. Becoming the hero of your own story is where you find your own power. Keep cool. The power of silence. Become your body. Begin breathing from your diaphragm, become sensitive.   People Over Money (POM) What is important, a pay check or someone you haven’t seen in 10 years. […]

GRANDPA (Cassinga Day Commemoration) A family Legacy

Grandpa, a man who started from the scratch the village I call home was taken a way in what is still a mystery to many of us his grand children who were not born by then. Grandma says he was taken away by SWAPO guerrilas. They came one night and dragged him away. He never returned. […]