Dear Daddy…My Heaven

A Book excerpt…..A daughter conversations with a stranger Father

Dear Daddy.

Today I just experienced my heaven.In it there was a white dove flying and being swept in an opposite direction by the wind currents.I envisioned it before my mind,swaying away in constant motion in a mist ocean before my my eyes,flapping and flapping and off it goes,out of the vicinity in the horizon before my eyes.Tears welld my eyes and my jovial soul and spirit was asking Child of God,why are you not grateful yet? As I closed my eyes day-dreaming in the midst of my meditative soul,I realised I saw a woman,graced in a flowing all white dress with cauliflowers (yellow and green) by the ocean,before my eyes. Again a voice whispered,Child of the High Power,why are you not drunken with sheer joy and gratitude,why is your cup not running over yet? My unconscious calm mind with no waves of disruption or thoughts again,in its most natural creative state revealed to me Child of God,there was misty hills across the lagoon sitting before you,making you pensive and thoughtful and assuring you that in a space that you exist,there are things bigger than your mind,some of which you will never fathom.Just before I could tick off my last list of things I consider as part of my heaven on earth,a warm hand placed its hand upon my most tender part of my heart,in it a message was wrapped “shhhh,we are not done yet,for I know the things you heart deeply rejoice in,your most authentic wishes from your deeper truer self”.So I kept my eyes closed and my mind calm,as if we are a ship docked on a calm wave,drifting with ease and no pressure from any outside thoughts/currents.Child of the most high,you have forgotten the mangroves and the peninsula on the other edge of the lagoon.You have forgotten the crushing waves against the well layered dark and mahogany rocks,hitting the white crystal sand and your bare feet against the wet cold sand with debris of leaves.You have not mentioned the strangers strolling by you whom something deeper in you revealed that they too were feeling and taking in the magic around you.Finally,there was a human being,a friend in your company who let you be and embraced the misfit you are with no judgements (except for laughing out loud to the realisation that you wore “gold” swimming costume 🙂 ).Playing soccer on a lush green grass,running as fast as your legs can take you.There is a woman practising yoga n the park..quiteness!.Your arms out-stretched across and you chanted infamous poetry to the sea waves,and you were singing Hillsong Young and Free “End of Days” on top of your lungs testing again like many times if your voice can be lost in the sea currents cries and hums without you hearing its echo back.Again and again you shouted “Mother Nature,Can You Hear Me? Then you got home,and out of your window you ca hear gentle splatters of rain drops,and your heart couldn’t get any happier,even more so that there was meditative orgasmic music from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.Again and over and over,I will tell you my child that your heaven starts here with you on earth,and it is up to you to quieten then buzz of your endless thoughts and give room to quiteness,and give room to play,to create and live in the moment.Because it is in the Now moment where the magic is hidden,often running the risk of surpasing it because we don’t quiten and pause ourself often,to feel and just experience the passing seconds to minutes and then minutes to hours.My friend Zimama Ja today said,”it is so strange but I am not thinking of or worried about anything right now”. I realised then in that moment that we were both embracing the NOW,engaging our children of our hearts being playful and appreciating every moment of the nature around us .Now I know For Sure,that nature is the door to my deep,truest,authentic door to my soul.I am so deeply grateful for thatImageImageImageImageImage


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