Monthly Archives: October 2013


Humour What makes me laugh? I am a buff when it comes to laughing. I laugh at almost anything. I laugh at things which to some may not be funny but in my own way I find them funny. The danger in my laughing though is, when I get started it is hard for me […]

Ecology And Emotions

Barbed wires Falls Soothing sounds Patches of tracks Goosebumbs from imaginations Swamps Rainforests terrain Steep walks Big stumps Hungamous trees Edges on the green Mount Tamporine Landscapes of countryside Oldies Some shinny Those who couldn’t stop talking Revelations of lifestyles unknown before Differences and indifferences New businesses on the loom Ideas Flowers Familiar churches beckoning […]

Jammed Up Thoughts,Again!

If it rained Has it washed my flaws away? If I had walked past men In their little skinny jeans Young and old and matured If it gets windy Would their stares change my anatomies? Failing to linger on me Being blown away with the tropical breezes Some nights, cold and chilly I stood on […]


Sometimes I thought if my heart bleeds and I hid it Would I be doing any justice to it Does that makes it authentic Covering up my trails of drops Going on as if life was shiny But deep inside its gloomy and doubtfull Even if I splash it,all over the place I bet am […]

Meaningless Poetry

People are humans Children of God Made in his image We are more alike than different We all have hopes and dreams Sometimes we want the same things too Sometimes just a little bit different But we are more alike In our aspirations Dreams of our hearts Desires of our souls We are alike   […]


Lessons I sat contemplating on my bed till 5 am I wondered if I should have written a letter, a poem or an essay over it Or sing ode to a friendship which were not meant to be I had on a spiritual song on a side trying to cool of a boiling heart And […]

The Love for Travels

    Misty little  town of seventeen seventy Like a boy who once ignored my love endeavours You stole my heart But I had to leave you Though you had me in awe and wonders You are beautiful and intriguing The hills surrounding the lagoon Dressed up in the mist Like far-off places where only […]